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We are a group of artists and scholars committed to spreading awareness about the Partitions of India and Pakistan, and devising innovative and creative interventions in the fields of Visual Art, Partition Studies, Memory Studies, Trauma Studies, and Feminist Historiographies.

We conduct virtual and physical art exhibitions, lectures, and think-tanks to educate diverse audiences about the Partitions of India and Pakistan.

Rini Bhattacharya Mehta

Rini Bhattacharya Mehta is an Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and of Religion at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an affiliate of National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Mehta works on the evolution and synthesis of modernity; nationalism, religious revival, cinema and the post-global nation state.

Her book on Indian cinema, "Unruly Cinema: History, Politics, and Bollywood" was published by University of Illinois Press in June 2020. She has published two co-edited anthologies: "Bollywood and Globalization: Indian Popular Cinema, Nation, and Diaspora" (Anthem Press, 2010) and "Indian Partition in Literature and Films: History, Politics, Aesthetics" (Routledge, 2014).

One of the recipients of University of Illinois’s first Presidential Initiative to Celebrate the Impact of the Arts and the Humanities, she is the creator of a Digital Humanities Project on Global Film History. She is currently a LAS fellow in the second discipline (2021-2023), studying Computer Science. Her website https://go.illinois.edu/rinibmehta has an almost complete list of her publications; her digital visualizations are available at https://observablehq.com/@rbhttchr, and she also has a nascent blog hosted by Medium at https://medium.com/culture-umbrella.

Jacque Micieli - Voutsinas

Jacque Micieli-Voutsinas, PhD, is an Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Graduate Program of Museum Studies at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Jacque is a critical museum and heritage studies scholar with research and teaching expertise on 9/11 memory and landscapes of terrorism, broadly defined. Her research program explores the evocative power of places of difficult heritage to cultivate public emotion (such as fear, empathy, and hope) and generate a collective sense of community in the wake of traumatizing events.

She is particularly interested in trauma-informed museum practices and the pedagogical power of heritage landscapes to advance or impede social change. Drawing on anti-racist, queer, and feminist theories of intersectionality, affect, and emotion, her work on heritage landscapes critically interrogates dominant narratives of cultural memory and questions of historical justice.

Her book "Affective Heritage and the Politics of Memory after 9/11: Curating Trauma at the Memorial Museum" was published by the Routledge Press in 2021. She has also published an edited anthology "Affective Architectures: More-Than-Representational Geographies of Heritage" (Routledge, 2021).

Pritika Chowdhry

Pritika Chowdhry is an artist, and curator whose artworks are in public and private collections. Pritika recently did her mid-career solo retrospective at the South Asia Institute in 2022.

Pritika has exhibited her works nationally and internationally in group and solo exhibitions in the Weismann Museum in Minneapolis, Queens Museum in New York, the Hunterdon Museum in New Jersey, the Islip Art Museum in Long Island, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, the DoVA Temporary in the University of Chicago, and the Brodsky Center in Rutgers University.

Pritika's works have been reviewed in national press, and scholarship about her work has been published in peer-reviewed research publications and various exhibition catalogs.

Pritika is the recipient of a Vilas International Travel Fellowship, an Edith and Sinaiko Frank Fellowship for a Woman in the Arts, a Wisconsin Arts Board grant, and a Minnesota State Arts Board grant.

Born and brought up in India, Pritika is currently based in Chicago, IL, USA. Pritika has an MFA in Studio Art and an MA in Visual Culture and Gender Studies from UW-Madison. Pritika has taught at Macalester College and College of Visual Arts, both in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Pledge of Excellence

The Partition Museum pledges that, in fulfillment of its educational mission, it will strive to operate according to the core standards of the American Alliance of Museums to the best of its abilities and in accordance with its resources.

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