The Online Partition Museum is
dedicated to commemorating the Partitions of the Indian subcontinent
The Partition of India in 1947
created East and West Pakistan and the biggest migration in history, with 20 million people moving across the new borders.
The Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971
partitioned Pakistan as East Pakistan became Bangladesh. 10 million people migrated across the new border and 20 million people were displaced internally.
British colonial rule resulted in
the ongoing and unresolved conflict in Kashmir since 1947 which has unofficially partitioned Kashmir into several distinct zones; the partition of Burma in 1937, now called Myanmar; the partitions of Bengal in 1905 and 1947; and the partition of Assam and the Northeast in 1947.
Our goal is to memorialize,
educate, and raise awareness about these partitions and connect them to other partitions of the 20th century.

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